I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I’ve been doing more and more ghostwriting lately. I enjoy the work, but there’s one drawback: I can’t blog about what I do, which explains my lack of blogging activities on this website. Ghostwriting requires discretion; whatever I write doesn’t belong to me – somebody else gets the credit. I am blogging more frequently on my two other websites, though: The Vegan Tourist and Austrian Politics.

Ghostwriting is fun. Every few weeks, I get to work on a new project. I’m never bored. Since I work with an agency, I have very limited contact with clients. I’ve never been a team player, and ghostwriting is solitary work. It suits me well.

As I’ve been writing non-stop for other people, I haven’t worked on projects of my own, which is a shame; but I want to take it easy this year. Work less, relax more; I plan on taking long walks with my two dogs, concentrate on my health, and just enjoy life.

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